Monday, June 1, 2009

The Kill from the Great House Hunt

Hey all! We just got back last night from our most recent trip to Birmingham for the final round of the Great House Hunt. We emerged victorious and are now the proud new renters of a fabulous townhouse in Hoover, AL. With no yard! Yay at no yard work. We did a solid 3 days of searching, and finally decided on one of the first ones that we saw. I really tried to change our crazy ways with the number of places that we actually looked at, because really, how many do you have to see? In the past, we have looked at dozens of apartments in a single weekend, only to end up with one that we had picked out online anyway. I was just not in the mood for that. We ended up looking at 6 or 7 houses/townhouses, and had it narrowed to 2 pretty quickly. One was a 3 bedroom spacious brick townhouse that has been redone inside, and the other was a 2 bedroom on a lake that must have beed designed by the Golden Girls. Complete with pastel flowered wallpaper and gold/brass fixtures. Nothing against the Golden Girls. I just don't want to live in their house. In the end, the 2 bedroom was just not quite big enough, and more space won the day. I guess we can live on a lake later. Boo. :-( I'd rather live there now. But I'd rather have plenty of room.

So today I hit the packing hard and heavy. So far, I have done NOTHING. For those that know me, this is a huge departure. For each of our last moves, I think I started packing at least 2 or 3 months ahead of time, had my moving timeline printed out, complete with extensive Dewey-Decimal-style labeling system for easy reference to box contents. I just haven't really been into it this time... I'm not sure if it's because I'm tired from the end of residency, or not looking forward to this and procrastinating (probably that one), or what, but I haven't done anything at all. I guess on some level I thought I had to know where we were going first, and didn't feel like it was time to do anything else until that was done. I am certain I will pay the price for this. However, today I did get the dining room, closet and part of the office packed in just a couple of hours. So maybe all is not lost...

I cannot believe that in just under 3 weeks I will be finishing residency, leaving South Carolina and starting over again. There is just SO much to finish before we leave, so even though I'm not over the edge yet, I can see it from here. I wonder what it is like for people that never leave their hometown. That must be nice. I think they have the right idea.

BTW, we have a LOVELY home for sale in Greenville. Seriously, someone please come buy my house. And give my husband a job. That would be awesome. (Jason actually does have an interview on Thursday for a store manager job with Verizon, which are incredibly hard to come by, so please keep praying for us and for him this week!)

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